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Lorena Fontana – A Vision

A couple of years ago I was surprised and honored to get an email from Lorena asking me to review some of her original lyrics before her recording date. She is an amazing singer and composer I met in Rome in 2011. At the time I was surprised she had reached out to me because her English lyrics were so imaginative and grammatically correct (not easy for anyone, but especially when working in a second language) so I did not know how much value I could add to her work. She did not need any real corrections, but we did engage in a wonderful dialog about motivations in the lyrics and questions about certain phrases that she subsequently revised herself. It was such an exciting exchange of ideas and I am grateful to have assisted her in any way during her creative process. She thanked me in the liner notes and that was a nice little thrill to see. Lorena traveled all the way to California to record this CD and she produced a cool video about the trip entitled “The …

Rainy Afternoon

As Autumn approaches, and the storms begin to swirl off the coast of the United States, I am reminded of a particular Saturday in a September many years ago. A time when anything seemed possible, and when the rain was a wonderful excuse to stay inside, listen to music, and enjoy the company of someone important to me.

Let Me Sing This Dance With You

This past Sunday I had the opportunity to sing a few jazz standards accompanied by Murray Wall on double bass (contrabass); he’s a wonderful musician. It was so much fun. No microphone, no piano, no drum, and a no distractions.  We had a small audience who also seemed to be sending out the “no judgments” vibe which was very sweet. It was a showcase-style performance with four other women, and we had a ball singing in this simple rotating format. It was conceptualized by one of the performers, and dubbed “Beauties and the Bass” by another.  A lovely group dynamic. After the performance, I spent a few moments talking to another friend. She was part of the audience, but had also assisted a couple of the singers with their choreography (suggesting hand gestures, slight movements to try while singing, and other things like that.) She is a very graceful person, and we spoke about her possibly dancing to one of my original songs sometime in the near future.  As we were talking I was immediately reminded of the following song that I wrote …

Straight to You

Wherever you are…is home. Straight to You [Written for Leonid Volskiy on his piece “Clearing the Cobwebs Away”] ©2012 Laurie Early This train, rocking me gently, glides on metal rails that will not take me to you and so I ride until I reach the ocean, and a crossing dangerous and blue This train, only goes so far and now that I’m aboard for love I’ll never go back I’ll stay on course for I must hold you though the sea will end this track Now, I’m flying, I’m floating, I’m rising, I’m soaring, my heart’s above the water headed home, love, straight to you I’m flying, I’m floating, I’m rising, I’m soaring, I’m heading home now, straight to you. I know you will be waiting when my loyal heart has crossed this ocean so vast we’ll lie in sunlit fields of tall grass and I’ll hold your face at last Yes, I’m flying, I’m floating, I’m rising, I’m soaring, my heart’s above the water headed home, love, straight to you. I’m flying, I’m floating, I’m …

Crossed Paths

Crossed Paths (inspired by Caminhos Cruzados ©Tom Jobim) English lyrics ©2012 Laurie Early   Vocals in Portuguese – Maria Creuza (on YouTube) When a heart that’s tired of suffering meets a heart that’s new perhaps that is the moment that will end their suffering too. No time for thinking at all now that love, so gentle, has finally arrived. When a heart is longing for someone who doesn’t care, someone who’s never dreaming of your touch Open up, do not fear new arms, kiss new lips with yours, hold him close, press your cheek against his. I was foolish when I thought I knew my little heart And, when it comes to love I’m always fearful at the start. But, together we can care for this love we share, a sweet love just for us.    

This Tear

This Tear ©2013 Laurie Early Yes, it is painful to want something you can’t have but worse not to hunger at all. I can’t live without passion, or my love for you, so if that means tears, let them fall….. This tear, this tear, this tear forming in my eye this tear, this single tear, the first of many I will cry. I tried to hold it back, I tried to keep it in, I tried to keep this tear inside, but oh no, this tear, won’t obey me, and it won’t hide. This tear, this tear, this tear rolling down my cheek this tear, this quiet tear, says all the words that I can’t speak. I want to run away from love I can’t explain, but there is no escape when tears don’t dull the pain, and I fear, after this tear, I’ll never be the same. This tear, this tear, this tear falling into space this tear has left me now, as others rush to take its place. I can’t control my heart, my …

How Could I Forget Your Eyes?

How Could I Forget Your Eyes ©2012 Laurie Early (Music by Alfonso Deidda) How could I forget your eyes? Eyes that changed my life when they met with mine. I took just one look at your face, and this world became a brand new place, and I have never felt a love like this one surround me before, (I feel so lucky, baby.) How could I forget your eyes? Eyes revealing secrets I have never known. You taught me to balance, and then, I learned that I could trust my heart again, so tell me, how could I forget your eyes? And, if I just stop for a second, and breathe a moment, I dream what a dream our little life could be. I remember glances you gave me. Is there a chance you’ll save me from living a life without you near? (Baby, that’s my fear.) So tell me, how could I forget those sweet eyes? What would life be like without your loving gaze? I can’t see a day without you; from our first kiss …

Consider the Moon

Consider the Moon ©2008 Laurie Early Consider the moon reflecting the sun, asking nothing for herself but to share light where there was none. Consider the moon she’s scarred many ways, but stays true to herself as she moves along through each phase. And you know she has a dark side she keeps to herself, full of sadness, fear and anger, and a ton of self-doubt. But if you care to visit there she’ll surely let you see, so that you won’t make the same mistakes as she. Consider the moon, she’s so far away, illuminating our nighttime, but getting closer, closer, closer to the sun each day. She’s leaving us, she’s leaving us, she’s gonna leave us all in her dust Men have walked all over her and left their trash behind. consider the moon.   [Photo of the moon by Richard Williams © 2013]