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How Could I Forget Your Eyes?

How Could I Forget Your Eyes

©2012 Laurie Early
(Music by Alfonso Deidda)

How could I forget your eyes?
Eyes that changed my life when they met with mine.
I took just one look at your face, and
this world became a brand new place,
and I have never felt a love like this one
surround me before,
(I feel so lucky, baby.)

How could I forget your eyes?
Eyes revealing secrets I have never known.
You taught me to balance, and then,
I learned that I could trust my heart again,
so tell me,
how could I forget your eyes?

And, if I just stop for a second, and
breathe a moment,
I dream what a dream
our little life could be.

I remember glances you gave me.
Is there a chance you’ll save me
from living a life without you near?
(Baby, that’s my fear.)

So tell me, how could I forget those sweet eyes?
What would life be like without your loving gaze?
I can’t see a day without you;
from our first kiss I’ve known that this is true.
No, baby, I could not forget your eyes.

I could not forget your eyes.

Pasquini Boy (detail)

Alice Pasquini – Street Art – detail of wall, San Lorenzo, Rome



    • Yes. Music is by Alfonso Deidda. There is a simplified version of the lyrics on YouTube, with Michela Sabia on vocals. My full version of the lyrics, here on this page, is closer to Alfonso’s original sax solo. All my best wishes to you, Dan. Thanks for visiting my site.


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