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Writing lyrics in the club by candlelight

Writing lyrics in the club by candlelight

2022 UPDATE – Due to family issues, writing services are suspended this year. Feel free to contact me but I am not accepting commissions at the current time. -Laurie

Hello.  I offer 2 types of writing services: Lyric Reviewing, and New Lyric Creation (Lyrics for your completed melodic composition). Other creative services and/or art workshops may be offered in the future if my schedule allows it, but for now I am excited to offer my free-time to assist vocalists, composers, and other musical artists with their song lyrics.

Lyric Reviewing …

Have you already written a set of lyrics for a tune (your tune or a tune by another composer)? Would you like a fresh perspective, construction suggestions or alternative ideas?  I am now offering “work for hire” lyric reviewing services to you. Let’s polish your ideas and make them sparkle.

Is English a second language for you?  I will make sure your English lyrics have the accents on the correct syllables, use acceptable grammar, and clearly reflect the message you wish to relate.

FEES: If I am available, I require a $100 flat fee for a standard-length song. And this can be paid in 1 or 2 installments ($50 as a deposit and $50 upon completion). If you later decide to make additional changes to your piece and would like me to make additional reviews of the same song they are $25 each.  (Payments can be arranged in person, by postal mail, or via PayPal.)

“Work-for-hire” service is very simple to contract.  Contact me via the form below and I will email you the contract so you can review it.  You will see that you retain all rights to the completed lyrics, all copyrights remain yours.


Claudio Klaus Savoldi Bellavitis  [Singer/Songwriter, Entertainer & “Crooner” — Milan, Italy]

“It’s been a THRILL reading the revised lyrics! It’s like seeing yourself in a mirror… But with a better suit on, a beautiful tuxedo… That’s how your improvement to the lyrics make me feel about my music. THANK YOU!”


Simona Parrinello [Jazz Vocalist, Lyricist — Milan, Italy]

“Thank you very much for your attention and your feedback, it’s really hard to make your own way today, and difficult find people to go through it and share a music project. I’m trying to do my best, but with people like you I can feel a little less alone. So thank you again and again for your precious support.”

New Lyrics (for your composition) …

Have you written an amazing melody but just can’t come up with the words that reflect the story your notes are expressing? I would love to try and make that story come to life for you.

Have you written lyrics in a language other than English and want a English version?  I will interpret your song’s story into the English language and try my best to mimic the exact rhythmic accent of your original words. This is always a balancing act as, unfortunately, English is not always as easy to rhyme as the “Romance” languages.  But, I have to say that I enjoy this translation/interpretation challenge, and I hope you see in the testimonials, I have been successful achieving this goal in the past.

FEES: For original lyrics (entire songs, not revisions) we will need to discuss my fees in advance as you would be hiring me to be your co-author; this would NOT be work-for-hire, and I would retain all copyrights on my lyrics. There is usually a little flexibility when it comes to rewrites, especially when I am interpreting a story you have conceptualized, but once I create a final lyric set those lyrics are what I will be copyrighting and all artists recording my lyrics will be required to acknowledge my authorship. (Payments can be arranged in person, by postal mail, or via PayPal.)

Contact me via the form below if this is something you would be interested in.  If you would like to hear lyrics I have written for other performers you can search on my name on YouTube, or ask me to send you some samples of lyrics I have written for established jazz standards such as Ornithology, Casbah, or One Foot in the Gutter.


Michela Sabia [Jazz Vocalist — Potenza, Italy]

“Oh Laurie, tu sei un vero talento, non so come fai!! sono già le parole nuove di Caminhos Cruzados? incredibile!!!”


Francesco Manfredi [Singer/Songwriter, “Un cantastorie surrealista” — Rome, Italy]

“Wow, I’m amazed! you’re a good singer as well! I never thought it was possible to translate this song, wonderful job, you caught the deep sense of it all. … How I wish I knew you before!”

Please use this form to contact me with any questions or comments you might have.

Thanks, Laurie

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