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Crossed Paths

Crossed Paths
(inspired by Caminhos Cruzados ©Tom Jobim)
English lyrics ©2012 Laurie Early



Vocals in Portuguese – Maria Creuza (on YouTube)

When a heart that’s tired of suffering
meets a heart that’s new
perhaps that is the moment that will
end their suffering too.
No time for thinking at all
now that love,
so gentle,
has finally arrived.

When a heart is longing for
someone who doesn’t care,
someone who’s never dreaming of your touch
Open up,
do not fear new arms,
kiss new lips with yours,
hold him close,
press your cheek against his.

I was foolish when I thought
I knew my little heart
And, when it comes to love
I’m always fearful at the start.
But, together we can care
for this love we share,
a sweet love
just for us.





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