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Poems for Billy Strayhorn (II)

I am in London this week!  So, of course, I am prompted to post a second poem from my series inspired by specific compositions of Billy Strayhorn, Chelsea Bridge, a London landmark. As you read, you may wish to listen to one of the sax solos that inspired me while I was writing–Ben Webster’s sensitive version of “Chelsea Bridge” on YouTube*.

Chelsea Bridge
©2009 Laurie Early

There’s a footpath under the Chelsea Bridge
Darling, meet me there tonight
I’ll be there
in the moonlight.

We’ll go walking down by the River Thames
while the boats go by you can steal a kiss
to cling to
for a lifetime.

Do you remember that storm,
the day we met last April,
when we both ran for shelter
from the rain?
Our romance made London a dreamland
where we’ll never be lonely again.

As the river sparkles like stars
so high up above
I will take your hand,
I will give my heart
“I love you
that’s forever,”
this I’ll promise.

This I’ll promise under the Chelsea Bridge


Another poem in this series is:  (I) My Isfahan

London, 2012

London, 2012

*Ben Webster – Chelsea Bridge
(Copenhagen, 1964)
Ben Webster – tenor sax
Stan Tracey – piano
Ricky Laird – bass
Jackie Doogan – drums

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