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Poems for Billy Strayhorn (I)

This poem is the first I am posting here from my series of poems inspired by specific compositions by Billy Strayhorn. As you read my words, I encourage you to listen to the Alessandro Vaccari Quartet* performing a lovely version of Strayhorn’s Isfahan that I discovered recently on YouTube.

My Isfahan
©2009 Laurie Early

Poets speak your name
and sigh,
ink in quill,
for calligraphic lace,
my love,
cannot hold you still.

A mystical poem
can’t ever enclose,
the fragrance
of such a rose,
your gardens harbor those,
my Isfahan.

Jasmine in the wind
‘neath saffron-colored skies.
Tea served near the square,
with Persian lullabies.

Your tranquil flowing streams
and mosaics gleam…
turquoise, gold,
and green,
my Isfahan.

You are half the world,
my Isfahan.


Another poem in this series is:  (II) Chelsea Bridge

*Alessandro Vaccari Quartet
17 giugno 2011 – PER LA RASSEGNA “EFFETTO JAZZ” 2011
Alessandro Vaccari – ten sax
Emiliano Pintori – keyboards
Roberto Beneventi – double bass
Vittorio Sicbaldi – drums
Località: Barchessoni di San Martino Spino, Mirandola, Modena, ITALY

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