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This Tear

This Tear
©2013 Laurie Early

Yes, it is painful to want something you can’t have
but worse not to hunger at all.
I can’t live without passion, or my love for you,
if that means tears, let them fall…..

This tear, this tear, this tear
forming in my eye
this tear, this single tear,
the first of many I will cry.
I tried to hold it back, I tried to keep it in,
I tried to keep this tear inside, but
oh no, this tear, won’t obey me, and it won’t hide.

This tear, this tear, this tear
rolling down my cheek
this tear, this quiet tear,
says all the words that I can’t speak.
I want to run away from love I can’t explain,
but there is no escape when tears don’t dull the pain,
and I fear, after this tear,
I’ll never be the same.

This tear, this tear, this tear
falling into space
this tear has left me now,
as others rush to take its place.
I can’t control my heart, my mind is restless too,
and every passing thought, pulls me right back to you,
But this tear keeps you so near
So, I won’t regret this tear.

No, I won’t regret this tear.


[Featured photo above is by Joy Misa of the Netherlands from her series of photos taken in a car-wash – so amazing, just like jazz.]

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  1. Christine Petry says

    Absolutely beautiful. I would love to hear it.

    I miss you, my friend.


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