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Rainy Afternoon

rainyafternoonAs Autumn approaches, and the storms begin to swirl off the coast of the United States, I am reminded of a particular Saturday in a September many years ago. A time when anything seemed possible, and when the rain was a wonderful excuse to stay inside, listen to music, and enjoy the company of someone important to me.

This specific memory inspired the lyrics below. They were written in 2009 when I first heard my friend Bob Cunningham’s tune Rainy Afternoon (on his “Walking Bass” CD.) The song begins with a lovely introduction played on the piano by Bross Townsend, and the cascade of notes immediately reminded me of the sound of the rain singing against the glass windows in a particular rehearsal hall, at a particular time in my life, and the love that surrounded me that day.

Sue Yellin captured the reflection of the Emmanuel Baptist Church in the background of this photo of a photo taken at the memorial service for Bob Cunningham, April 22, 2017

Rainy Afternoon
Music © 1985 Bob Cunningham
Lyrics ©2009 Laurie Early


rainy afternoon

so warm,

Autumn seems like June

dancing with you tightly in my arms

outside the raindrops glisten

like your charms.

Now, just close your eyes,

and we’ll float from here

safe and dry,

we’ll enjoy the stormy skies.


Rainy, rainy afternoon


playing slightly out of tune

we wish time would slow,

and though we try

the day ignores us,

and flys quickly by

Now please

close your lovely eyes,

wipe away that tear,

and year after year

I know

we’ll think about this moment

when you held me

as the rain

came pouring down,

pouring down,

all around.

[Bob’s CD is available for sale many places online, including CDBaby.]


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