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Consider the Moon

Consider the Moon

©2008 Laurie Early

Consider the moon
reflecting the sun,
asking nothing for herself
but to share light
where there was none.

Consider the moon
she’s scarred many ways,
but stays true to herself
as she moves along
through each phase.

And you know she has a dark side
she keeps to herself,
full of sadness, fear and anger,
and a ton of self-doubt.
But if you care to visit there
she’ll surely let you see,
so that you won’t make
the same mistakes as she.

Consider the moon,
she’s so far away,
illuminating our nighttime,
but getting closer, closer, closer
to the sun each day.

She’s leaving us, she’s leaving us,
she’s gonna leave us all in her dust
Men have walked all over her
and left their trash behind.
consider the moon.


[Photo of the moon by Richard Williams © 2013]