Alice Pasquini – Street Enhancements

One of the most wonderful things about staying in the San Lorenzo area of Rome was the amazing street art and “graffiti” that I did not expect to see so much of. Terrific stuff!

alice girl with catOn my first visit there I was walking near my B&B and came across an embellished utility box on the side of a building.  A little girl about to kiss her black kitten.  I took out my little camera; it was one of the first photos I stopped to take on that trip because I was so excited to see this little gem. I discovered later that it was painted by Alice Pasquini.

PicsArt_1347762565892Here is another one, a little girl looking up with her fluffy puppy by her side.  I tried to frame her as best I could in the photo (as she was surrounded by a less than pristine pavement, parked cars and bits of debris) and I ultimately used some filters on it so the focus could be on her. Thank you Alice, these small street art pieces were a joy to see, and made me love Rome that much more.

She transformed a fantastic wall  on Via dei Sabelli with a series of images.  The past few years I have visited this wall and the art is always slightly different.  I look forward to seeing this wall again soon and hope that Alice will still be the featured artist there.


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