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I am always pleased to help when someone asks me to create English lyrics for a new song, but when it is a song I have never heard before, a song that really speaks to me, really touches something in my heart, then I am thrilled. This happened last year when I was approached by a friend-of-a-friend, a wonderful New York City singer who wanted English lyrics for Jobim’s A Felicidade. Some of you may be aware that this is the song that opens the 1959 film, “Orfeu Negro” (Black Orpheus). So when I struggled a bit to find a suitable lyric for the last phrase, instead of interpreting the original lyrics, I took a risk and tapped into the Greek legend of Orpheus and Eurydice instead, as the film is a modern telling of their sad love story. It is set in Rio de Janeiro during Brazilian Carnival but perfectly matches the original Greek tragedy’s plotline. I am in love with this song, so beautiful and heartbreaking when you think about the story behind it. Live in the moment! Love now! …

Rainy Afternoon

As Autumn approaches, and the storms begin to swirl off the coast of the United States, I am reminded of a particular Saturday in a September many years ago. A time when anything seemed possible, and when the rain was a wonderful excuse to stay inside, listen to music, and enjoy the company of someone important to me.

Crossed Paths

Crossed Paths (inspired by Caminhos Cruzados ©Tom Jobim) English lyrics ©2012 Laurie Early   Vocals in Portuguese – Maria Creuza (on YouTube) When a heart that’s tired of suffering meets a heart that’s new perhaps that is the moment that will end their suffering too. No time for thinking at all now that love, so gentle, has finally arrived. When a heart is longing for someone who doesn’t care, someone who’s never dreaming of your touch Open up, do not fear new arms, kiss new lips with yours, hold him close, press your cheek against his. I was foolish when I thought I knew my little heart And, when it comes to love I’m always fearful at the start. But, together we can care for this love we share, a sweet love just for us.    

Poems for Billy Strayhorn (II)

I am in London this week!  So, of course, I am prompted to post a second poem from my series inspired by specific compositions of Billy Strayhorn, Chelsea Bridge, a London landmark. As you read, you may wish to listen to one of the sax solos that inspired me while I was writing–Ben Webster’s sensitive version of “Chelsea Bridge” on YouTube*. Chelsea Bridge ©2009 Laurie Early There’s a footpath under the Chelsea Bridge Darling, meet me there tonight I’ll be there waiting in the moonlight. We’ll go walking down by the River Thames while the boats go by you can steal a kiss memories to cling to for a lifetime. Do you remember that storm, the day we met last April, when we both ran for shelter from the rain? Our romance made London a dreamland where we’ll never be lonely again. As the river sparkles like stars so high up above I will take your hand, I will give my heart “I love you that’s forever,” this I’ll promise. This I’ll promise under the …

How Could I Forget Your Eyes?

How Could I Forget Your Eyes ©2012 Laurie Early (Music by Alfonso Deidda) How could I forget your eyes? Eyes that changed my life when they met with mine. I took just one look at your face, and this world became a brand new place, and I have never felt a love like this one surround me before, (I feel so lucky, baby.) How could I forget your eyes? Eyes revealing secrets I have never known. You taught me to balance, and then, I learned that I could trust my heart again, so tell me, how could I forget your eyes? And, if I just stop for a second, and breathe a moment, I dream what a dream our little life could be. I remember glances you gave me. Is there a chance you’ll save me from living a life without you near? (Baby, that’s my fear.) So tell me, how could I forget those sweet eyes? What would life be like without your loving gaze? I can’t see a day without you; from our first kiss …

Poems for Billy Strayhorn (I)

This poem is the first I am posting here from my series of poems inspired by specific compositions by Billy Strayhorn. As you read my words, I encourage you to listen to the Alessandro Vaccari Quartet* performing a lovely version of Strayhorn’s Isfahan that I discovered recently on YouTube. My Isfahan ©2009 Laurie Early Poets speak your name and sigh, ink in quill, for calligraphic lace, my love, cannot hold you still. A mystical poem can’t ever enclose, the fragrance of such a rose, your gardens harbor those, my Isfahan. Jasmine in the wind ‘neath saffron-colored skies. Tea served near the square, with Persian lullabies. Your tranquil flowing streams and mosaics gleam… turquoise, gold, and green, my Isfahan. You are half the world, my Isfahan.   Another poem in this series is:  (II) Chelsea Bridge *Alessandro Vaccari Quartet 17 giugno 2011 – PER LA RASSEGNA “EFFETTO JAZZ” 2011 Alessandro Vaccari – ten sax Emiliano Pintori – keyboards Roberto Beneventi – double bass Vittorio Sicbaldi – drums Località: Barchessoni di San Martino Spino, Mirandola, Modena, ITALY