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NY Sunset - photo by Laurie Early

Clark Terry Lives

Last month I was writing a post for my music page (something else I was going to share with you for the month of March,) but then, the unexpected happened…Clark Terry passed away. So, instead, I decided to write about him and to dedicate all my creative efforts in 2015 to his memory; a way of thanking him for the inspiration, education, and joy he gave to me and thousands of other people around the world. In terms of inspiration, I am certainly talking about his overall musical inspiration: his incredible trumpet technique; his unique sound; his original compositions; and his mentorship. However, I also include the inspiration he intrinsically exuded as a human being, as a man, as a nurturer, a teacher, as someone who freely shared his knowledge of music and life. He accomplished so many things in his 94-years on earth, and I believe that the energy and love he invested here will live on– through the recordings of his marvelous performances (that we are so lucky to have in this technological age); through the legacy of his compositions (which will forever be played …

Contrafact & Controversy

I would like to share my perspective on music-related things as I see them now, as I am experiencing them now, or as I have experienced them in the past, but I have to admit that I am fighting an urge to start my “jazz blogging” with a full disclaimer about my relative inexperience discussing this complex musical form. I won’t bore you with my issues about sharing my opinions in public, however, I will say that if I am not aware of the full-story on a particular subject, I am open to hearing the perspectives of others. From the outset, I freely admit that I do not know a thimble-full of the history and theory that other jazz musicians and music scholars have spent their lives acquiring. I wish there was a way I could go back in time, to have made more informed choices about my musical studies – but just like everything else in real-time, in real-life, there are no “do-overs”. So, if I am lucky, I will just be able to take …

Poems for Billy Strayhorn (I)

This poem is the first I am posting here from my series of poems inspired by specific compositions by Billy Strayhorn. As you read my words, I encourage you to listen to the Alessandro Vaccari Quartet* performing a lovely version of Strayhorn’s Isfahan that I discovered recently on YouTube. My Isfahan ©2009 Laurie Early Poets speak your name and sigh, ink in quill, for calligraphic lace, my love, cannot hold you still. A mystical poem can’t ever enclose, the fragrance of such a rose, your gardens harbor those, my Isfahan. Jasmine in the wind ‘neath saffron-colored skies. Tea served near the square, with Persian lullabies. Your tranquil flowing streams and mosaics gleam… turquoise, gold, and green, my Isfahan. You are half the world, my Isfahan.   Another poem in this series is:  (II) Chelsea Bridge *Alessandro Vaccari Quartet 17 giugno 2011 – PER LA RASSEGNA “EFFETTO JAZZ” 2011 Alessandro Vaccari – ten sax Emiliano Pintori – keyboards Roberto Beneventi – double bass Vittorio Sicbaldi – drums Località: Barchessoni di San Martino Spino, Mirandola, Modena, ITALY

YouTube, Barry Harris Workshops, and a Favorite Song

To initiate my blog here at WordPress I will start this first “MUSIC” post by sharing one of my favorite songs, Where is Love? by Lionel Bart, from the 1960 musical, Oliver!  The original Broadway cast album of Oliver! was one of my favorite records growing up, played it over and over, sang these songs all the time.  I include the full song lyrics below, as well as a link to my recording on YouTube. In 2009, I setup a YouTube Channel to share original songs, but it seemed like anything that I posted there was not safe. The honest truth is that I have had things stolen by pirating websites who then asked listeners for money to download. I never received a penny. Therefore, I am wary of posting anything else until after I publish a CD of my work. So…for the time being, on my channel there are a couple of songs to listen to and you will see a lot of playlists I have put together as I have been using the channel to create reference lists for myself and other students that study with …