Month: January 2015

YouTube, Barry Harris Workshops, and a Favorite Song

To initiate my blog here at WordPress I will start this first “MUSIC” post by sharing one of my favorite songs, Where is Love? by Lionel Bart, from the 1960 musical, Oliver!  The original Broadway cast album of Oliver! was one of my favorite records growing up, played it over and over, sang these songs all the time.  I include the full song lyrics below, as well as a link to my recording on YouTube. In 2009, I setup a YouTube Channel to share original songs, but it seemed like anything that I posted there was not safe. The honest truth is that I have had things stolen by pirating websites who then asked listeners for money to download. I never received a penny. Therefore, I am wary of posting anything else until after I publish a CD of my work. So…for the time being, on my channel there are a couple of songs to listen to and you will see a lot of playlists I have put together as I have been using the channel to create reference lists for myself and other students that study with …

Alice Pasquini – Street Enhancements

One of the most wonderful things about staying in the San Lorenzo area of Rome was the amazing street art and “graffiti” that I did not expect to see so much of. Terrific stuff! On my first visit there I was walking near my B&B and came across an embellished utility box on the side of a building.  A little girl about to kiss her black kitten.  I took out my little camera; it was one of the first photos I stopped to take on that trip because I was so excited to see this little gem. I discovered later that it was painted by Alice Pasquini. Here is another one, a little girl looking up with her fluffy puppy by her side.  I tried to frame her as best I could in the photo (as she was surrounded by a less than pristine pavement, parked cars and bits of debris) and I ultimately used some filters on it so the focus could be on her. Thank you Alice, these small street art pieces were a joy to see, and made …

Consider the Moon

Consider the Moon ©2008 Laurie Early Consider the moon reflecting the sun, asking nothing for herself but to share light where there was none. Consider the moon she’s scarred many ways, but stays true to herself as she moves along through each phase. And you know she has a dark side she keeps to herself, full of sadness, fear and anger, and a ton of self-doubt. But if you care to visit there she’ll surely let you see, so that you won’t make the same mistakes as she. Consider the moon, she’s so far away, illuminating our nighttime, but getting closer, closer, closer to the sun each day. She’s leaving us, she’s leaving us, she’s gonna leave us all in her dust Men have walked all over her and left their trash behind. consider the moon.   [Photo of the moon by Richard Williams © 2013]

Welcome !

Moments, Memories & Jazz site is my “home” on the internet. Thanks again for stopping by.  To read a little about me and to see how cute I was at around the age of two, please visit my ABOUT page – just click here.  If you are interested in reading more about the freelance songwriting services I offer – then click here. Even if you are visiting on your phone, at the bottom of this page is a link to “FULL SITE” you can click there to see my latest posts. -Laurie