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Bird Feathers

A quick post this month as I have been resting and healing and generally catching up on musical and personal projects. I have learned a new song in Italian, “E la chiamano estate”, polished the vocalese on a couple of Lester Young/Teddy Wilson tunes that have been on my “FINISH THIS NOW” list for a long time: Our Love is Here to Stay, and Blues in C Sharp Minor, and started writing lyrics for two original melodies (for two new friends). I have some good starts on a few original tunes too, so there is something to be said for being house-bound another month with my sciatica issue.

Here is a bit of vocalese from 6 years ago. Barry wrote lyrics on Bird Feathers that are really fun to sing. We perform this song in his choir, but I wanted to sing it as a solo and to keep going a bit longer, so I wrote this additional lyric. The cool thing about this is that the word at the end of each section matches the opening word of the next, so you can slide into the next verse by holding on to the word. (I will post Barry’s lyrics first followed by mine so you can see how it connects.)

Happy Summer, y’all!

Bird Feathers

[based on a melody by Charlie Parker]

©Barry Harris


I fell in love

and felt an urge to be around
my somebody new
all of the time
This urge
to me a wonderful joy I couldn’t describe
made me feel
oh, so good inside
there’s nothing
that can stop the thrill of love
when it all comes true
and you find that special
someone for


Barry has a special section here instead of repeating the first A (above):
Yes, yes, yes!
Love is such a beautiful thing
(Man, you know when it hits)
Makes you feel so good
(Stars are bound to come out)
Makes you happy to shout,
I’m in Love, I’m in Love, I’m in Love,
I’m in Love!

Bird Feathers

[based on a melody by Charlie Parker]

©2012 Laurie Early


You are the one

that makes my heartbeat do a dance

your magical smile

found me by chance

my love

I can’t imagine a world without you around

your voice

is just the sweetest sound

my darling

when I fell in love with you

all my skies turned blue

and my wildest crazy dreams

all came true


True love is ours

we knew it from the very start

your passionate kiss

captured my heart

so sweet

so lovely, oh so intimate and cool

Baby, we are each other’s fool

from now on

what was mine belongs to you

for you’ve given me

hope and promise for a

future that’s new