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A Burgundy Twilight

I feel a major shift in my life, starting today, October 1, 2017. Without going into details, a nine-year cycle ended yesterday for me. Yes, yesterday I learned many things: revelations about people I know, observations about how love is expressed (or denied), thoughts about how I am (or am not) respected, and a new confidence about my ability to keep going through extreme periods of grief, stress, and rejection. I sometimes see flashes of my future, I know certain things are coming, and I try not to judge them as good or bad. This ability is sometimes very reassuring as it gives me hope. But, there are times I am frustrated when I know something unpleasant is heading towards me and there is nothing I can do about it. And, sometimes, I am just plain WRONG and my “prediction” turns out to be just a negative fantasy.

A small case in point, my lyrics for Barry Harris’ fantastic tune “Burgundy”. I wrote them the week following a class where we scatted syllables along with his tune. I incorrectly assumed the lyrics would be rejected, writing a reminder to myself in my notebook that read: “Show Barry the lyrics to Burgundy so he can complain about them.” However, he didn’t complain about them, in fact, he liked them and had the class sing them, right then and there. The only thing that seemed to bother him was the word “burgundy” right before the word twilight. He said he did not like the word “burgundy” at all which made me laugh! I told him that I built the whole song story idea around the color because that is what HE called the tune!

Here is a link to Barry playing Burgundy (featuring Roni Ben-Hur) and my lyrics are below.

I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Autumn season, full of burgundy twilights where you are able to wrap your arms around the person you adore, cling to them, and visualize your wonderful future together.

Lyrics © 2017 Laurie Early
(for Dr. Barry D. Harris)

We’re flying
and from this height we see the beautiful sky
Below us are the city lights, aglow,
perhaps because they know
we are in love!

We fly towards the sunset
that softly beckons
and promises to wrap us in romance,
and splendor,
and burgundy twilight.

We wonder
how there could ever be a night quite like this
An evening full of wine and song
that started with the perfect kiss,
Oh, what a kiss!

As night falls around us
we cling together
and ever will dream
of our heavenly flight
on this burgundy night.