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September–still warm from the end of summer, yet moving towards the frost. I am thinking of all the wonderful music that is my soundtrack now and I would like to share my lyrics for Charlie Parker’s “Ornithology”.

YouTube link to sing along

music ©1946 Charlie Parker
lyrics ©2012 Laurie Early

I bet you thought you’d never see me cryin’
you prob’ly thought my heart was just like a stone
I tell ‘ya, now that’s no lie
but you turned it into sand with your goodbye
yes, when you said “we’re through” I started to cry
the tears flowed down–now you know why

When I THINK of you baby I always cry,
must be that sand in my eye

(I) tried hard to build a wall around me
but when we kissed it crumbled down to the ground
You held me, and it fell
Baby, you know you had me under  your spell
I gave my heart to you, couldn’t you tell?
I didn’t want to hear “farewell”

Listen, baby, on my word, fly back to me, I will be your bird.

Alt. B section:
It’s totally, totally, totally true!
It’s only, only, only you!