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I am always singing to YOU

I love creating music; I enjoy the process, the experimentation, working with other musicians, and I really like sharing the final musical piece or song. This month, as I begin the second half of my life on this planet, I have created and now share something else…a new public “Laurie Early – Singer Songwriter Lyricist” Facebook page to showcase all the musical people in my life, projects I am involved in, and links to other things that interest me such as art, writing, science, culture, and creative expression.

You will see that as my cover photo I am featuring the street art image below (and my epiphanic thought). My friends might recognize the image as it has already been posted on my personal Facebook page. I created it to accompany a song-clip of when I sang “You, My Love” in a recent workshop class. What especially touches my heart when I listen is hearing Barry distracting me (he sees me start to cry a bit) and encouraging me to keep singing, shouting: “BE in love! THAT’s right! Be in love!”

I believe the stencil of the girl and bluebird are by “Banksy” a well-known British artist. I was attracted to it because it is peaceful, calm, and evokes the ideas of affection, connection, and contemplation. To me, it symbolizes sharing a still moment with the “bluebird of happiness”. That little bluebird reminds me of my various muses–my inspirations: people I love; little things that I see each day; and emotions that flood my heart when I am creating something.

The phrase is something that came to mind recently when I was thinking about a specific person. I wanted to let them know they are in my heart and thoughts, always. I hope they can recognize when I am directing this creative energy to them–my voice is the vehicle, and the inspiration comes from them (and my own heart, which has a mind of its own).After I wrote it down, I pondered the phrase a little more and I realized that singing is a VERY intimate thing for me, even when I am singing all alone, to myself. Therefore, I do not think I will ever see myself as an “entertainer”, it’s is all too personal to be part of an “act”. My music is something I share with those who happen to be listening. In my mind, I am singing to the focus of my affection, a person I want to feel the song, to hear my words, to understand the story I am trying to communicate to them. I sing to them even if they are not there in the room with me. I trust that the universe will transmit my intention to them.

I am always grateful for the audience’s attention and feedback, but the songs I choose to sing, the words I stress, the phrases I emphasize, everything about my delivery are a personal message to people I care about. I hope they know how important they are to me. 💙

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