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Let It Rain !

image I will be leaving for Italy in a little over an hour from now. It has been a crazy morning of cooking–a huge baked ziti prepared in the dark, (yes, boiling pasta and creating the mozzarella/ricotta filling with just a small hallway light, my apartment is so small and people were sleeping); searching for my “performance shoes”; and, conquering the challenge of getting 2 weeks worth of necessary clothing and technological paraphernalia to fit into one very small carry-on bag (and what the airlines call an under-the-seat personal item.) Just as I thought I had completed every task, I remembered I had not posted here for February, so here is a sneak peek at a song I have been working on for Nicola Borrelli, composer/bass player in Latina, Italy.

UPDATE: Here is a link to a rehearsal clip of Let It Rain

Let It Rain
© 2016 Laurie Early
(for Nicola Borrelli)

Each cloud has a melody
and when there’s a storm
I hear a symphony
Yes, it’s a song
I can’t explain
I hope it will rain,
I long for the rain

Sometimes skies can seem so dark
then lightning will strike
waking life with its spark
while thunder plays
a bass refrain
it’s starting to rain,
let it rain!

I know that a rainbow
will follow the storm
the sun will come find me
I’ll be safe
I’ll be warm
but now, I am grateful
for days like this,
I’m not afraid
I will dance
to the rain

I’m grateful for rainy days
and raindrops that sing
a pitter-patter phrase
they make me smile
I don’t complain
I’m grateful for rain,
let it rain,
so grateful for rain,
let it rain.


Piazza del Popolo dopo la pioggia – Piazza del Popolo after the rain